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Cheap holidays to Molyvos

Molyvos resort is situated on the north part of Lesvos and is also known as Mithymna. Cheap holidays to Molyvos are a delight to travellers from all over the world due to its picturesque locations and the amazing beaches. Arrange your trip there with


Molyvos holidays promise guests a beautiful pebble beach with pristine waters to enjoy the sun and the sea. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanness and is well organised with parasols and sunbeds available for hire for the day and a plethora of water sports to take part while you are spending you Molyvos holidays. Nearby Molyvos is Eftalou, a lovely location with pretty isolated beaches to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in privacy.

Things to do

Cheap holidays to Molyvos offer visitors pleasant, hospitable atmosphere, rich culture and plenty of sightseeing opportunities. The most popular attraction of Molyvos is an impressive medieval castle, which stands above the settlement and offers amazing views around. Molyvos features rich culture and many places of interest to visit such as an archaeological museum and many old Byzantine Churches. During your cheap holidays to Molyvos grab the opportunity to relax and to wander around the beautiful narrow paths and alleys of the resort to see its colourful architectural buildings and the imposing neoclassical mansions as well as the traditional stone built houses and their gardens. Around the resort there are several shops like jewellery shops, souvenir shops, bakeries, pastries and boutiques where you can do some shopping.



Bars and clubs line the waterfront area of Molyvos and a plethora of restaurants and traditional taverns serve fresh caught fish, seafood, local dishes and European cuisine as well. There are endless dining options and friendly lively places to enjoy a drink or two in the evening, during your tranquil Molyvos holidays.

Molyvos holidays offer travellers relaxation and peaceful atmosphere away from the massive tourism.


Average Temperatures in Molyvos

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