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Cheap holidays to Sithonia

Sithonia is a charming place, in Halkidiki, to spend your summer holidays and to enjoy stunning sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, ancient Greek history, and of course the flavourful Greek cuisine. Cheap holidays to Sithonia will be a delightful experience for every type of travellers, especially for families, couples or friends seeking relaxation and exploration.

Beach resorts

Sithonia holidays are all about enjoying unique, pristine beaches with their perfect combination of green and blue as the green pine trees reach the sand and the waves. In Sithonia you’ll find some of the best beaches in Greece and marvellous tourist holiday resorts which are very picturesque and well organised as well. Limanakia, Goa beach (Sarti), Nikiti, Agios Nikolaos, Vourvourou, Neos Mamaras, Armenistis beach, Tristinika beach and Kalamitsi are few of Sithonia’s beaches that will take your breath away! SIthonia holidays promise you long days on the beach doing nothing but relaxing, sunbathing and taking part in numerous water sports.

Things to do

Sithonia peninsula is one of the world’s oldest historical destinations. With Biblical history, Macedonian history and the history of Aristotle there are endless attractions and places of interest to visit during your summer holidays there. The Sofronios Basilica in Nikiti, the ruins of Aristotle’s city, Stagira, Aristotle’s park and ancient Olynthos are places that are well worth visiting. Additionally when you are on your cheap holidays to Sithonia you can enjoy day trips and excursions to the old traditional villages of Nikiti Old Village, Parthenonas and Philippi, which boasts brilliant Greek architecture and old Byzantine churches. Gerakini, Psakoudia, Toroni and Neos Marmaras are popular holiday resorts in Sithonia and offer visitors plenty of shopping opportunities, friendly atmosphere and the authentic Greek hospitality. Apart from the beautiful beaches and the exploration you can also enjoy an array of daily activities while you are on your Sithonia holidays such as hiking, cycling, diving, boating, golf and camping as well.



Sithonia boasts the authentic traditional Greek cuisine to sample along with international menus and European dishes to occupy everyone’s tastes. There is a plethora of restaurants and seaside taverns in Sithonia that serve fresh caught fish, seafood, Greek mezedes and homemade pies. For nightlife and other amusements associated with Sithonia’s resorts, Nikiti, Sarti and Neos Marmaras are the liveliest with a great selection of bears, beach bars and cafes to enjoy during your beach holidays to Sithonia.

Sithonia promises an unforgettable summer holiday of luxury and exploration. Book your trip with and just enjoy!


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