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Cheap holidays to Crete

The captivating island of Crete, with its traditional villages and long history, is the largest island of Greece and the perfect destination to enjoy the sun, the blue sea, healthy food and the Greek hospitality! The coastline of Crete is amongst the finest in the world and has established Crete as one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Cheap holidays to Crete will be a delightful and unforgettable experience for every type of traveller!


Crete boasts divine beaches and amazing scenery. Every traveller of the island will fall in love with its atmosphere, its beaches and culture. Start with a visit at Matala Beach to see the man-made caves which was home of hippies in the 60s and 70s. There are also plenty of opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling around the island as Crete boasts many beautiful beaches. During your cheap holidays to Crete wander around or just relax and soak up the sun at a golden sandy Cretan beach.

Things to do

Crete holidays are spectacular! There are so many to do and to see there! A perfect attraction for the whole family is Crete’s most entertaining waterpark, Limnoupolis. Moreover, Samaria Gorge, one of the most beautiful Gorges in Europe, offers stunning wildlife and plants to its visitors; ferries and buses go there every day and return to the starting point.

Crete has long and fascinating history, ancient myths and some of Ancient Greece’s best preserved remains. During your Crete holidays go on a trip to the ancient ruins of Minoan Palace of Knossos or to the palace of Phaistos, which would be an awesome experience to have! Also, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is worth a visit, if you’re interested to learn about ancient Crete and the Minoan civilization.

There is something for everyone on Crete. So, whether you will choose to stay among the provinces of Crete, Chania, Rethymnon, Iraklion or Lasithi you are bound to have an amazing holiday, for sure!


Nightlife in Crete has something for every preference and budget. Bars, traditional taverns, clubs and beach bars are located all around the island to find something to suit your taste. Cretan food is healthy and tasteful as it is made with the freshest ingredients and ‘’raki’’ is the local spirit of the island. For the beginning start with traditional dishes such as “dakos” (rusks baked and topped with tomato, olive oil, cheese and herbs), “plaki” (fish baked with tomatoes) and Cretan ‘’tyropites’’ filled with homemade cheeses! There is all over the island a variety of luxury restaurants and traditional taverns for you to choose from during your holidays there.

Crete will welcome you once more for holidays with its smiling Cretan sun, the sounds of the Cretan lyre, the scents of wild herbs, a slice of cool red watermelon and a glass of iced raki. Book your trip there with


Average Temperatures in Crete

Crete Resorts

Aghia Galini View

Aghia Galini

Aghia Galini is an amazing resort for sun holidays located on the south coast of Crete, approximately one and a half hour from Heraklion and Chania. Cheap holidays to Aghia Galini promise travellers...

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Aghia Marina View

Aghia Marina

On the northwest coast of Crete is situated the splendid resort of Aghia Marina which combines pleasant activities with spectacular beaches for memorable holidays to Crete. Chania Airport is approximately 29 km away...

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Aghia Pelagia View

Aghia Pelagia

The charming small coastal village of Aghia Pelagia is situated in a very picturesque bay, on the eastern coast of Crete, and is suitable for relaxing holidays with your family, your friends or...

View More
Aghios Nikolaos View

Aghios Nikolaos

The magnificent holiday resort of Aghios Nikolaos is situated on the eastern side of the island of Crete, in Mirabello Bay, and is well suited to families, friends and couples. Cheap holidays to...

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Almyrida View


Almyrida is a small seaside resort, which is nestled in the beautiful Souda Bay and offers relaxing summer holidays to every type of traveller. Chania Airport and Chania town are approximately 38 km...

View More
Amoudara View


The beautiful resort of Amoudara, an ideal location for holidays, is situated on the Northern Coast of the thrilling island of Crete and is the perfect place for beach lovers and water sport...

View More
Analipsis View


Analipsis is a lovely holiday resort that is nestled between Gouves and Anissaras resorts, on Crete island, and offers relaxing beach holidays away from the massive tourism. The village is popular among the...

View More
Anissaras View


Anissaras village is a peaceful holiday resort, next to Hersonissos and Analipsis, and is perfect for those seeking relaxation and amazing beaches to experience on their holidays. Heraklion Airport is approximately 25km away...

View More
Bali View


The beautiful resort of Bali is located on the north coast of Crete and combines spectacular beaches with picturesque scenery, ideal for unforgettable summer holidays to Crete. Heraklion Airport is approximately 56 km...

View More
Chania View


Chania city is situated on the North Coast of Crete and boasts cosmopolitan lifestyle, delightful atmosphere and captivating history and culture! To spend the most enjoyable and cheap holidays to Chania you should...

View More
Elounda View


Elounda is located on the eastern side of Crete and is a popular summer holiday destination among families, couples and friends from all over the world. Cheap holidays to Elounda offer beautiful beaches,...

View More
Fodele View


The charming Cretan village of Fodele is a unique place to spend your summer holidays at with your family, your other half or your friends. Heraklion Airport and Heraklion city are approximately 33...

View More
Georgioupolis View


About 25 km easterly of the town of Chania is situated the charming seaside village of Georgioupolis which offers unforgettable beach holidays to any type of traveller, ideal for families, friends and couples....

View More
Gerani View


Are you looking for relaxing and luxurious holidays to a traditional and historic Cretan village? Cheap holidays to Gerani, a charming seaside resort with hospitable atmosphere and rich tradition, will be perfect for...

View More
Gournes View


Gournes is a small and tranquil fishing village, which is located on Crete’s northern coast and offers memorable beach holidays to families, friends or couples. Heraklion Airport is approximately 17km away from Gournes....

View More
Gouves View


On the north coast of the majestic Crete island is situated the charming resort of Gouves which is perfect for a summer holiday escape with the whole family or your friends. Cheap holidays...

View More
Heraklion View


The charming and bustling city of Heraklion is a popular holiday destination among families, couples and friends that seeking a sunny and hospitable place with picturesque locations. Heraklion Airport is about 10 km...

View More
Hersonissos View


Hersonissos is situated on the north coast of the beautiful island of Crete and combines pristine beaches, picturesque locations and delicious food with vibrant nightlife. Cheap holidays to Hersonissos will be a unique...

View More
Ierapetra View


Ierapetra is known as the most southern town in Europe and is the perfect place to spend your holidays. Schedule your cheap holidays to Ierapetra with the expert team of to enjoy...

View More
Istron View


Istron is a picturesque seaside resort, ideal for summer holidays, and is situated approximately 10 km away from the cosmopolitan town of Aghios Nikolaos. Istron is consisted from the upper hillside village of...

View More
Kalyves View


Cheap holidays to Kalyves, in Crete, will be a delight to every type of traveller, ideal for families, couples and friends searching for a traditional seaside resort to relax and enjoy the sea...

View More
Kavros View


Kavros is situated in Georgioupolis, in Crete, and promises travellers laid back atmosphere, picturesque locations and pristine beaches for an unforgettable beach holiday. Chania Airport is approximately 30 km away. Cheap holidays to...

View More
Kokkini Hani View

Kokkini Hani

Cheap holidays to Kokkini Hani promise visitors wonderful beaches, vibrant nightlife and plenty of activities to enjoy. Heraklion airport is about 10 minutes from Kokkini Hani. Let the expert team of to...

View More
Kolymbari View


Kolymbari sits on Crete's northwest coast and provides worldwide travellers sunny weather, some wonderful pristine beaches and a great choice of activities. For the most unforgettable cheap holidays to Kolymbari schedule your summer...

View More
Koutouloufari View


On the north-east side of Crete you’ll find the charming Koutouloufari, a hillside village which is perfect for summer holidays with the whole family or your friends. Located in a dramatic landscape Koutouloufari...

View More
Lygaria View


Lygaria is a small seaside resort with a beautiful beach and tranquil scenery and the perfect destination in Crete to enjoy laid-back summer holidays away from the massive tourism. Heraklion Airport is approximately...

View More
Maleme View


The seaside holiday resort of Maleme is situated on the northwest coast of Crete and is the perfect place to enjoy the Greek sun and the stunning beaches of the island! Chania Airport...

View More
Malia View


The delightful seaside resort of Malia is situated on the north coast of the charming island of Crete and promises to every type of traveller unique beach holidays and plenty of enjoyable activities....

View More
Milatos View


The peaceful holiday resort of Milatos is located on the east coast of Crete and boasts some amazing beaches to enjoy away from the massive tourism. Cheap holidays to Milatos are ideal for...

View More
Palekastro View


Cheap holidays to Palekastro are perfectly suited to those looking for a beach holiday that is based on simplicity and relaxation. The charming seaside resort of Palekastro is situated approximately 17km east of...

View More
Panormos View


The charming fishing village of Panormos is the perfect destination for those seeking relaxing and peaceful beach holidays. The picturesque seafront village is situated on the north coast of Crete and offers to...

View More
Plakias View


The clear blue Mediterranean Sea, the dense olive groves and the amazing beaches of Plakias resort combine a holiday you won’t forget and a place you’ll want to return year after year. Cheap...

View More
Platanias View


The charming holiday resort of Platanias is located on the western part of Crete and combines glorious beaches and tranquil atmosphere with delicious cuisine and a lively nightlife scene to enjoy. Chania Airport...

View More
Rethymnon View


Rethymnon is situated on Crete’s north coast, between Chania, and Heraklion and combines history with modern lifestyle and picturesque locations with lively nightlife to enjoy the most unforgettable beach holidays in Crete. Chania...

View More
Sissi View


Sissi is a picturesque fishing village in Crete and a lovely summer holiday destination that caters for families, friends and couples who are searching for relaxation and simplicity. Heraklion Airport is approximately 43...

View More
Sitia View


Cheap holidays to Sitia promise travellers’ peaceful atmosphere, beautiful beaches, picturesque locations and lots of sightseeing opportunities. The town is a delight and offers plenty of exploration to every type of holiday makers,...

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Stalis View


On the northeast coast of Crete, between Malia and Hersonissos, sits the lively resort of Stalis, which is the perfect place for beach holidays with the whole family or your friends. Heraklion Airport...

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Stavros View


Cheap holidays to Stavros, the seaside resort that sits in a beautiful protected bay on the west coast of Crete, will be a delight to travellers seeking for sunny weather, a simple lifestyle...

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