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Cheap holidays to Majorca

Majorca is a lovely holiday island, one of the Balearic Islands which are consisted of the islands of Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Majorca is the largest Balearic island and has its own international airport at Palma. Majorca is a paradise island, ideal for holidays for families and couples. Schedule your cheap holidays to Majorca with


Majorca holidays have lovely beaches to offer. On the north of the island there are quiet beaches for those who are looking for peace. Livelier beaches are Magaluf, El Arenal and Palma where there is a considerable tourist presence with international cafes, bars and restaurants as they befit a wide variety of clientele. There are other beaches as Puerta de Soller and the Cala d’Or area, and many more that are well worth visiting.


During your cheap holidays to Majorca wander around to see as many as possible. Palma, the charming capital, has a very turbulent history of occupations and a wealth of brilliant old architecture. Visit the medieval Bellver Castle and the La Seu Cathedral. The Arab baths, which date back to the 10th century is a sight that also worth a visit.  At the Soller you’ll find a UNESCO World Heritage site, Sierra de Tramuntana, which is a great area for walking, swimming and general eco-activities during your Majorca holidays. Majorca holidays have something for everyone.


The climate of Majorca is the typical Mediterranean climate so expect hot summers and mild, wetter, winters. The island is prone to the wind from the north, the Tramontana, which blows year round but is strongest in March. So, as well as summer holidays, consider Majorca for a winter sun holiday too.


Nightlife in Majorca is pleasant and offers many bars and restaurants to enjoy. Magaluf has particularly a reputation as the ‘town that never sleeps’. Palma also can provide some good clubs and dance locations for the late-up brigade. Also, clubs and beach bars can be found all over the island! Majorca holidays offer also a tasty cuisine and the restaurants here are catering to all tastes and budgets. Try local food or international dishes, all of them are delicious!


Average Temperatures in Majorca

Majorca Resorts

Alcudia View


The charming and historic town of Alcudia, on the north coast of Majorca, is a perfect holiday destination for history lovers, beach enthusiasts, families, couples and friends from all over the world. Alcudia...

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Arta View


Arta is situated on the north-eastern side of Majorca. During their cheap holidays to Arta guests will enjoy an unspoilt coastline that stretches for over 25 kilometres and peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Book with...

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Aucanada View


Aucanada is a small and tranquil resort where visitors from all over the world enjoy amazing beach holidays at. The resort is located close to Puerto Alcudia and offers lovely beaches and numerous...

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Banyalbufar View


On their cheap holidays to Banyalbufar visitors will enjoy the sunny weather, wonderful unspoilt beaches and a peaceful setting. Palma is approx. 35km away from the village. Book unforgettable, beach holidays to Banyalbufar...

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Bendinat View


Bendinat is situated on the south west coast of Majorca and is in close proximity to the city of Palma. Cheap holidays to Bendinat will be a delight to families, couples and friends...

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C’an Pastilla View

C’an Pastilla

C’an Pastilla resort is situated on the southeast coast of Majorca and is a dreamy place to spend your beach holidays at with your beloved ones. C’an Pastilla is the closest resort to...

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C’an Picafort View

C’an Picafort

The lovely seaside resort of C’an Picafort, which is situated on the north coast of Majorca, offers cheap beach holidays that will be a delight to every type of traveller. Enjoy the sunshine,...

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Cabo Blanco View

Cabo Blanco

Cheap holidays to Cabo Blanco cater for families, couples and friends wanting a relaxing escape away from hustle and bustle. Book with today. Cheap holidays to Cabo Blanco offer travellers an array...

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Cala Blava View

Cala Blava

Cala Blava is a small seaside resort in close proximity to the bustling resorts of El Arenal, Playa de Palma and C’an Pastilla. On their cheap holidays to Cala Blava visitors will enjoy...

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Cala Bona View

Cala Bona

Cala Bona has become from a small fishing village to a modern holiday resort. Cheap holidays to Cala Bona will be a unique experience to families, couples and friends from all over the...

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Cala d’Or View

Cala d’Or

On the south east coast of Majorca sits the picturesque resort of Cala d’Or. During their cheap holidays to Cala d’Or visitors will enjoy amazing beaches, relaxing atmosphere and pleasant nights out. Book...

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Cala Mayor View

Cala Mayor

Cheap holidays to Cala Mayor offer guests a summer escape away from the hustle and bustle of a more crowded resort. Schedule unforgettable and cheap holidays to Cala Mayor with the expert team...

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Cala Mesquida View

Cala Mesquida

The charming holiday resort of Cala Mesquida is located on the north east coast of Majorca and offers the most relaxing atmosphere and a lovely sandy beach. Cheap holidays to Cala Mesquida are...

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Cala Millor View

Cala Millor

Cheap holidays to Cala Millor offer a beautiful beach, plenty entertaining activities and relaxing atmosphere. Palma Airport is approx. 65 km away from Cala Millor. Book the most amazing Cala Millor holidays with...

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Cala Mondrago View

Cala Mondrago

Cala Mondrago holiday resort is located in the municipality of Santanyi and is a paradisiac destination for every type of traveller. On their cheap holidays to Cala Mondargo guests will enjoy beautiful pristine...

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Cala Ratjada View

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada sits on Majorca’s north east coast and offers amazing beach holidays to worldwide travellers, especially to families and couples. Majorca’s airport is about two hours away from the resort. will...

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Cala San Vincente View

Cala San Vincente

Cala San Vincente is a laid back seaside resort where families, couples or friends will enjoy unforgettable beach holidays at. The resort is located on the North West coast of Majorca and is...

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Cala Santanyi View

Cala Santanyi

On the south east part of Majorca sits the charming Cala Santanyi, a dreamy destination to spend your summer holidays at. Cala Santanyi holidays cater for every type of travellers, especially for families,...

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Cala Vinas View

Cala Vinas

Cala Vinas offers visitors cheap holidays, wonderful beaches, interesting attractions and a lot of exploration! Cala Vinas is a peaceful resort that sits on the south west coast of Majorca offering relaxation and...

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Calas de Mallorca View

Calas de Mallorca

Calas de Mallorca is a popular holiday destination among families and couples seeking amazing beaches and relaxation. Cheap holidays to Calas de Mallorca promise guests a picturesque coastline with fabulous view and three...

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Camp de Mar View

Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar is beautifully situated on the south west coast of Majorca and is the perfect destination for relaxation and meditation. Enjoy your cheap holidays to Camp de Mar, which is surrounded...

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Campos View


The traditional town of Campos is located on the south east of Majorca and is the ideal place to spend your beach holidays at due to its relaxing atmosphere and the hospitality of...

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Canyamel View


Cheap holidays to Canyamel will be a delight to every type of traveller, especially to families, friends and couples searching for beautiful beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Canyamel is also a great base to...

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Colonia Sant Jordi View

Colonia Sant Jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi is a small and unspoilt seaside holiday resort with a scenic fishing harbour and beautiful beaches. Cheap holidays to Colonia Sant Jordi offer a peaceful and relaxing getaway to families...

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Costa de los Pinos View

Costa de los Pinos

Cheap holidays to Costa de los Pinos will be the perfect opportunity to experience the most relaxing and renewing break! The resort has a laid back atmosphere and amazing beaches to unwind and...

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Costa den Blanes View

Costa den Blanes

Costa den Blanes resort is idyllically situated οn a picturesque bay and offers unforgettable beach holidays to families, couples and friends from all over the world. Palma, the cosmopolitan capital, is approx. 10km...

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Deya View


Cheap holidays to Deya will impress even the most discerning traveller with the beautiful beaches and the charming atmosphere that offers. Palma Airport is approx. 30mins drive away. Contact for more information...

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El Arenal View

El Arenal

El Arenal is a bustling holiday resort, situated on the Southeast coast of Majorca. Visitors can experience cheap holidays to El Arenal and will find amazing beaches, entertaining activities and remarkable places to...

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Estellencs View


To take a real taste of Majorca choose the small and traditional Estellencs resort for your cheap holidays. Estellencs is located on the north-west coast of the island, on the foot of the...

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Font de sa Cala View

Font de sa Cala

The charming resort of Font de Sa Cala is located on the north-eastern part of Majorca and promises you amazing beach holidays that you’ll never forget. The resort is small, peaceful and relaxed....

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Illetas View


Cheap holidays to Illetas promise a relaxing and picturesque resort, overlooking the clear blue sea, offering a lot to see and do. Illetas holidays are ideal for families, friends and couples seeking for...

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Llucmajor View


The charming village of Llucmajor is a traditional destination, ideal to enjoy your next cheap holidays at with your family or your friends. If you don’t want a crowded tourist destination for your...

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Magaluf View


Magaluf is a lively resort and the ideal destination to spend your next cheap holidays at with your beloved ones. Magaluf is located in the picturesque Bay of Palma and offers amazing beaches...

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Paguera View


Paguera sits on the south west coast of Majorca and is approx. 35km from Palma Airport. Paguera promises guests amazing holidays with beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife scene. Paguera is also a great...

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Palma de Majorca View

Palma de Majorca

Cheap holidays to Palma de Majorca combine culture and history with cosmopolitan lifestyle and thrilling nightlife. Palma holidays are suited to every type of holiday maker, from families to groups and couples. Book...

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Palma Nova View

Palma Nova

The beautiful resort of Palma Nova is situated on the southwest coast of the exotic island of Majorca and offers amazing beaches and unforgettable cheap holidays to families, couples and friends from all...

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Playa de Muro View

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro resort is nestled in the Bay of Alcudia and is a popular destination for exotic beach holidays among families and couples seeking for relaxing atmosphere and amazing beaches. Nearby Playa...

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Playa de Palma View

Playa de Palma

On the south coast of Majorca sits the lively resort of Playa de Palma and offers the best cheap holidays to travellers from all over the world. The resort deemed to be quite...

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Pollensa View


Cheap holidays to Pollensa are perfect for those searching for relaxation and affordable luxury. Pollensa is also a great base to explore the surrounding area and to visit other popular Majorcan resorts. Book...

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Port Adriano View

Port Adriano

Port Adriano is a modern seaside resort and the ideal destination to spend your next cheap holidays at with your beloved ones. Port Adriano is located in the former fishing town of El...

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Portals Nous View

Portals Nous

Portals Nous resort is small and tranquil with a busy marina and cosmopolitan feeling. Cheap holidays to Portals Nous offer guests laid-back, relaxing atmosphere to rest and enjoy themselves in affordable luxury. Book...

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Porto Colom View

Porto Colom

Porto Colom provides cheap holidays to those seeking of exotic beaches, relaxing atmosphere and historical attractions to explore. The resort is unspoilt and tranquil. The expert team of will arrange the best...

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Porto Cristo View

Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo is a great destination for cheap sun holidays with the whole family or your friends. The resort is beautifully situated on the east coast of the tropical island of Majorca offering...

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Porto Petro View

Porto Petro

Are you looking for glorious sunshine and exotic beaches? Cheap holidays to Porto Petro promise you stunning scenery, unspoilt beaches and hospitable atmosphere. Palma Airport is approx. 60km from the resort. Book with...

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Puerto de Andratx View

Puerto de Andratx

Puerto Andratx is a delightful destination and offers guests memorable cheap holidays at a relaxing and picturesque environment. The resort is beautiful and has a large marina that attracts many luxury yachts and...

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Puerto de Soller View

Puerto de Soller

Puerto de Soller is nestled in a picturesque horse-shoe bay and offers cheap holidays and affordable luxury to families, couples and friends seeking for relaxation and exploration. Book your cheap holidays to Puerto...

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S’illot View


S’illot is located between Sa Coma resort and Cala Moreya town, on Mallorca's south east coast. Cheap holidays to S’illot offer guests relaxing atmosphere and wonderful beaches to soak up the warm sun...

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Sa Coma View

Sa Coma

The fascinating resort of Sa Coma is a popular destination for cheap holidays among holiday makers from all over the world. Sa Coma is beautifully situated on the eastern coast of the exotic...

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Santa Ponsa View

Santa Ponsa

The lively and popular resort of Santa Ponsa is a favourite destination for cheap holidays among families and couples and offers relaxing atmosphere and divine beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters. Arrange...

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Son Servera View

Son Servera

On the eastern coast of Majorca sits the charming and scenic village of Son Servera, a quieter holiday destination which is just a short distance from the lively resort of Cala Bona. Cheap...

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